Online Ordering FAQs (Updated)

Thank you for shopping online with Greenlight Bookstore! Our procedures for processing ecommerce orders have changed.  Please see below for the most current answers to many frequently asked questions about online orders.  If your question is NOT answered below, please feel free to email  us at for more information.


Q: Is my order ready yet? 
A: We'll send you an Order Update email with the status of your order as soon as one of our real, live booksellers has had a chance to view and process your order. Turnaround time may vary depending on order volume.  If you can't find your Order Update email or if you have questions, email and reference your order number.

Q: Should I call the bookstore to check on the status of my order?
A: No; due to limited staffing capacity and high traffic in our stores, booksellers are typically not able to check online order status for customers over the phone. The best and fastest method of getting your order questions answered is to email and reference your order number.

Q: I received an email telling me my order has not been completed. How do I complete it?
A: Log into your account and access your shopping cart. The items you selected should be there waiting for you to add a payment method.

Q: Why isn't the link in my Order Update email to check my order status working?
A. You need to log into your Greenlight Bookstore account before clicking the link.

Q: How do I use a gift card or gift code on the website?
A: Physical gift cards cannot be used on the website (you can use them in the store or over the phone). To use an online only gift code (which you received via email), select "Online Only Gift Code" in the Payment Method pane at checkout and enter your code. (Note: do NOT enter your gift code in the "Coupon Code" field, or you will get an error message and your code will not be applied.)

Q: I want a signed copy of a book. How can I make sure I get one?
A: You must indicate in the Order Comments field at checkout if you want a signed copy of a book (as well as any personalization request or other special handling).  This is the only way for staff to know that you want a signed copy; if there is no indication in the Order Comments field, you may receive an unsigned copy if it is easier/faster to fulfill your order that way.

Q: Oops! I wanted a signed copy but I didn't indicate it, and I got an unsigned copy. Can I exchange it for a signed copy?
A: If we have signed copies of the book on hand, you are welcome to bring your unsigned copy into the store and exchange it for a signed copy at no additional cost. We are unable to ship replacement copies if there was no indication of a signed copy request; you can place an additional order for a signed copy if you wish.

Q: Will my purchase go towards my frequent buyer account? Will my rewards be applied to my order?
A: Our Frequent Buyer Program is an in-store program. Online purchases for in-store pickup will apply to frequent buyer accounts; online orders for shipping will NOT apply. Frequent Buyer rewards must be claimed in-store, for free Greenlight merchandise or credit toward in-store purchases.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order after I've placed it?
A: You can modify or cancel an order within 30 minutes after placing it by emailing with your request.  Order changes requested outside the 30 minute window may not be possible.

Q: I no longer need/want the book I ordered online. How can I return it?
A. You can bring your book into the store for a return within 7 days of purchase. See our Returns Policy for details.

Q: My credit card is from a non-US bank and my payment won't go through. What can I do?
A: Our website currently can't accept payment from many cards issued through non-US banks or with non-US billing addresses.  We recommend using PayPal for your payment type as an alternative while we work on resolving this issue.



Q: I've placed my order! Should I come by the store right now just in case it's ready?
A: Nope! We receive many orders every day and each one takes time to process.  Look for your Order Update email saying specifically that your order is ready for pickup before coming by to pick up your order. Note that we strive to process orders for on-hand titles within 24 hours, but orders may take significantly longer depending on stock availability, shipping times, and order volume.

Q: The book I want looks like it's available on the website, but my Order Update email says I have to wait for it. Why?
A: The order status messages on our website indicate if a book is "Available In Store Now (While Supplies Last)", or "Not In Store / Available To Order (allow for shipping time to bookstore or direct-to-home)", or otherwise unavailable; please note the book's status carefully.  Our online inventory is updated every 24 hours, and certain books that have the status "Available In Store Now (While Supplies Last)" may sell out before your order is processed.  In this case we will order the book from a publisher or distributor and contact you when it is available.

Q: What information do I need to have  to pick up my order?
A: Usually, we only need the name of the purchaser on the order (please note that we typically sort books by the name in the "Bill To" field, not the name in the email address or anything listed in order comments). As a backup, the order number is very helpful in case we have trouble locating your order, and it's also great if you can tell us the quantity of books and/or the title(s) you're picking up.

Q: Where do I pick up my book when I come to the store?
A: Come see us at the front register desk; a bookseller there can pull your order for you (especially quick and easy if you have the information above).

Q: What safety measures are in place for pickup and shopping?
A: See our Shopping Info & Guidelines for updated information.

Q: Can I change my pickup order to a shipping order?
A. We are NOT able to convert orders from one kind of shipping/pickup to another. If you would prefer to have your order shipped, please cancel your existing order and place a new one for shipping. 



Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive? Can you guarantee its arrival by a certain date?
A. Depending on the availability of the titles, UPS Ground and USPS Priority usually take about 3-5 days to deliver the package for titles on hand in the bookstore. Most customers receive their shipped online orders within 1-2 weeks (sometimes faster), but we are not able to guarantee arrival by particular dates. Please allow extra time for books that are out of stock and need to be ordered into the bookstore. 

Q: Has my order shipped? Where's my tracking number?
A.  You will receive an update email with confirmation when Greenlight ships out your order. You can request a tracking number by emailing if your tracking number is not included in the email confirmation. 

Q: I only received part of my order. Where is the rest? Will my books ship all in one package?
A. Books should ship out in one package, but they may ship in multiple packages depending on the availability or publication dates.  You should receive an email confirmation detailing the status of the shipments.  You can email to request a tracking number for your order to check on multiple shipments.

Q: Can I add another book to my order or make a substitution after I've completed my order? Can I change the destination?
A. We may be able to make substitutions or changes if the order has not shipped out.  Please contact to request any changes. 

Q: I have not received my package even though UPS says it was Delivered. Why?
A. In some cases UPS will mark packages as Delivered, but the package will not arrive for several more days. It's also possible the package was delivered to the wrong address, stolen, or otherwise lost. Please check the details and email us at if you need help finding missing books.

Q: Can I change my shipping order to a pickup order?
A. If the order hasn't shipped out, we can change it to an in-store pickup order and refund the shipping.  Please contact to request any changes. 

Q: Can you ship to a PO Box?
A: Yes! Please select USPS Flat Rate if going to a PO Box.  

Q: Can you ship outside the United States?
A: No; we offer shipping only within the continental US.