The Bell House

Nestled squarely between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens at 149 7th St. in Brooklyn, The Bell House is a performance space and lounge crafted out of a 1920’s printing factory. Greenlight Bookstore partners with The Bell House to present great discussions and interactive events with authors, from comedy writing to cookbooks and everything in between. Past authors featured at the Bell House have include Michael Ian Black, Selma Blair, Sean Brock, Harvey Fierstein, Kenji Lopez-Alt, Will Oldham, Phoebe Robinson, and many others. See below for what's coming up next at The Bell House!

Wednesday, May 15 at The Bell House
7:30 PM (doors open at 7:00 PM)
Secret Science Club presents Sean Carroll & THE BIGGEST IDEAS IN THE UNIVERSE: Quanta and Fields

Tickets $29 (book included)

Theoretical physicist, bestselling author & host of the acclaimed Mindscape podcast, Sean Carroll takes us on an adventure through the biggest ideas in the Universe! In Quanta and Fields, the second book in this already internationally acclaimed series, Carroll dives into the baffling & beautiful world of quantum mechanics. From Schrödinger to Feynman, Carroll travels through the quantum revolution with the greatest minds of the 20th century. Exploring how several decades of research overturned centuries of convention, Carroll provides a dazzling tour of the most exciting ideas in modern science.





- Sample our quantum cocktail of the night, the Uncertainty Principle!

- Groove to subatomic tunes

- Bring your questions for the cosmic Q&A

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Each ticket includes a hardcover copy of There's Always This Year, to be picked up at the event.  The Bell House is located a149 7th St; more information at