How Are You, Really?: Living Your Truth One Answer at a Time (Hardcover)

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"The perfect read for every person who has ever felt stuck between where she is and where she wants to be. In short? Everyone I know." — Maria Menounos, New York Times bestselling author

The truth is, we lie. We lie to ourselves about how we’re really feeling and what we really want. Not anymore.

In How Are You, Really?, Jenna Kutcher teaches how to harness your power to take control of your life. You deserve more – and deep down, you know it. If, when you get really honest with yourself, you discover that you want more out of your life: more joy, more passion, more fulfillment, and more peace? This book is for you.

In today’s chaotic world, sometimes you might wake up and not feel like yourself anymore, and you don’t even know how you are… REALLY. You’re trying to balance it all: your family, your work, and your goals, but your emotions are all over the place and you don’t feel as confident and happy as you thought you would.

This book is a guide to reframing your entire life and finally finding your own sense of joy and fulfillment in a world telling you who to be. It’s about understanding what’s going on in your head and finding your way back to a life that is truly your own.

Your expert guide is Jenna Kutcher, who started from working a day job at Target to building an empire while living in a small town in Minnesota as a mom. In her inspirational debut book, she shares how she struggled with these same issues to find her identity and balance in launching a business, raising a family, and, eventually, starting her popular podcast The Goal Digger.

Join the millions of people who count on Jenna’s life and business advice every week because of her authentic example and deep understanding of how women think and strive to achieve their dreams. It’s time to ask yourself the question you’ve been avoiding: How are you, really? It’s time to find your answer, and start living.

About the Author

Jenna Kutcher is a born-and-raised Minnesota wife, mother, and entrepreneur who aims for two things daily: helping others wake up to life and staying in comfy pants. Creator and host of the top-rated The Goal Digger podcast, she’s helped thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams through her decade-long work as a leading online educator. Want to know how she’s really doing? Follow her latest at

Praise For…

"Kutcher has a conversational style, and she’s not afraid to honestly share her own dark, critical moments. She encourages us to feel at home in our bodies, to explore the world, to build meaningful relationships, and to have fun. We all have a gift to share, says Kutcher, and she pushes readers to take those small first steps toward making that possible." — Booklist (starred review)

How Are You, Really? is a soulful, charming guide to crafting a life based on the true, unique beauty of who you are. Between these pages you’ll find questions you never thought to ask yourself so you get the answers your soul has been craving.”  — Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Do Less

“So often we are programmed to keep going and going... and going. But what if that thing we’re going after doesn’t feel right anymore or feels different than before? I love how Jenna questions ALL of those feelings in this book and challenges us to be present and figure out what is right for us…right now.'  — Joy Cho, Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!

"If you’re burnt out on hustle culture and tired of second-guessing your intuition, How Are You Really? is a must-read. Jenna Kutcher will help you redefine success and reshape your life, on your terms." — Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable

"In How Are You, Really?, Jenna Kutcher walks us through what it means to live a life that doesn’t just look good, but feels good, in all the places. This book is an absolute gift, one that is profoundly necessary in our world right now." — Tiffany Aliche, New York Times bestselling author of Get Good With Money

"How Are You, Really? is the perfect read for every person who has ever felt stuck between where she is and where she wants to be. In short? Everyone I know." — Maria Menounos, New York Times bestselling author and Host of “Better Together With Maria Menounos”

"This is one of those books that you find yourself saying, nah that’s not me, but then you can’t stop reading because it is so uncomfortably you to a tee. Jenna tells it like it is and cuts to the chase all while inspiring that fire inside each of us. I immediately wanted to go reinvent myself and do a life inventory after reading this gem. What an absolute gift Jenna is to the world. Do not skip this treasure." — Alli Webb, Drybar Founder, New York Times bestselling author

"If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve listened to Jenna’s podcasts or you follow her online, you already know that she’s the dauntless friend of anyone hoping to deepen their joy and realize their dreams. This book is a version of Jenna you can hold in your hands: frank, kind, funny, and inspiring, full of personal stories and hard-earned wisdom. How Are You, Really? is an energizing read for anyone trying to make their dreams come true." — Martha Beck, PhD, New York Times bestselling author and life coach

"A transformational page-turner. If you're looking to create the perfect life recipe that feels right, Jenna has done it. This book is smart, relatable, and will tell you exactly HOW to create a life you love." — Mel Robbins, Leading Motivational Speaker and New York Times bestselling author of The High Five Habit

"How Are You, Really? guides us all to ask the hard questions like, “What do I want?” and “How can I enjoy this more? Am I even enjoying it at all?” With every page, Jenna Kutcher leads you to your own answer as you unlock the keys to a good life. One that you’ll love, you’ll trust, and you’ll want to share." — Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital

"How Are You, Really? is a road map for choosing a path on your own terms. Jenna Kutcher teaches us to turn to our intuition and answer the questions that matter most: our own." — Barbara Corcoran, Founder of The Corcoran Group and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

"Jenna Kutcher captures your heart and mind through her own personal experiences and resilience. Allow Jenna to show you her relatable approach to helping all women succeed." — Candice Kumai, bestselling author of Kintsugi Wellness and host of the Wabi Sabi Podcast.

"Grab your glass of wine, your favorite cup of tea or whatever makes your soul happy and dive deep into this beautiful reflection of personal and professional nuggets from Jenna Kutcher that will keep you warmer than that tea ever could. Jenna has a way of writing that brings her in the room next you, slides up a chair and chats like the girlfriend you need in that moment. How Are You Really? is honest, touching and guiding in all the right ways. This is not the pick yourself up by the bootstraps kind of read, this is the hand in the fog that you can barely see but trust to grab and know that it’ll help you find the light again." — Arielle Estoria, Poet, Author, Actor

"How Are You, Really? is your personal guide to cut straight through the noise, distraction, and busyness around you, and start living your life with intention, courage and purpose! It’s your permission slip to reflect, refocus and reshape your destiny!" — Jamie Kern Lima, New York Times bestselling author, Believe IT & Founder, IT Cosmetics

"Empowering, insightful, thought-provoking! How Are You, Really? is a beautiful balance of stories, guidance and grounding that gives you the courage to pave your own way, define your own success and wake up to the life you were meant to live." —

"Jenna Kutcher is a breath of fresh air, reminding us that self-help really does start with self!" — Kaitlyn Bristowe ,TV Host & Entrepreneur

"Kutcher has a conversational style, and she’s not afraid to honestly share her own dark, critical moments. She encourages us to feel at home in our bodies, to explore the world, to build meaningful relationships, and to have fun…This upbeat book is sure to be popular." — Booklist (starred review)

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