The Art and Science of Judo: A Guide to the Principles of Grappling and Throwing (Paperback)

The Art and Science of Judo: A Guide to the Principles of Grappling and Throwing By Jiichi Watanabe, Lindy Avakian, Neil Ohlenkamp (Foreword by) Cover Image
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"There have been many books on judo--some highly competent, others well-written or well-illustrated, some fit for beginners, others for the advanced student. To have all these in a single volume is unusual."--San Francisco Chronicle

The Art and Science of Judo is a revealing Japanese martial arts manual that focuses primarily on the scientific principles at work in Judo.

In this book, highly-respected Judo instructors Jiichi Watanabe and Lindy Avakian delve deeply into the mechanics of Judo, offering clear-cut scientific explanations for the numerous techniques involved in throwing and grappling. By understanding the science behind the art, you will become prepared to perform the right moves at the right time and successfully meet the challenge of responding to your opponent.

The book has over 200 illustrations and 40 photos which show the forces that are employed when performing common Judo throwing and grappling moves such as hip throws, foot sweeps, collar holds, and many more. In addition to the precise explanations of judo's physical aspects, you'll also find detailed insights into the psychological factors related to judo's underlying philosophy.

Topics include:
  • How dynamics are applied to Judo
  • The three principles for practicing Judo
  • The three laws of motion and how they apply to Judo
  • Different kinds of force found in Judo techniques
  • How to effectively practice throwing and grappling
A new foreword by Judo instructor Neil Ohlenkamp offers insight on the book's importance as a resource for every Judo practitioner and instructor. The Art and Science of Judo is a fascinating and valuable work, which will help you achieve success by not only understanding what techniques to master but also why they work and when to use them.

About the Author

Jiichi Watanabe was a well-known Judo instructor in Japan. A sixth-degree black belt, he was one of the pioneers in the scientific study of Judo. Lindy Avakian was a respected Judo instructor. He served in the US Air Force, studying Judo in Japan in the early 1950s. He completed the first foreign instruction course at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo in 1956. During his time in the military, he trained US Special Forces in self-defense. Neil Ohlenkamp has been a Judo instructor for over 45 years. He is a 7th degree black belt and former head instructor at the Encino Judo Club in California. He was head coach of the U.S. Judo squad at the 1988 Paralympic Games and the 1989 World Championships for the Disabled. He is the author of Judo Unleashed: Essential Throwing & Grappling Techniques for Intermediate to Advanced Martial Artists.

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