Harmonic Power Book 2 (Parts II - VI) (Paperback)

Harmonic Power Book 2 (Parts II - VI) By Keith Edward Foster Cover Image
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Harmonic Power demonstrates that the human 'mind, body, spirit' complex acts as an antenna which conducts and transmits life's energy. It explains how your antenna becomes clogged up and less efficient over time, owing to stress and the deficiencies of modern diet and lifestyle, to the point where toxins build up and it ceases to function (at which time your body dies). The author, Keith Foster, draws on a lifetime of research to show you how you can "clean up your act", revitalise your signal strength, and become a healthier, more vigorous person. The purpose at this stage is to enable you to easily avoid dread disease, to live a longer life in full good health and to age more slowly Having dealt very thoroughly and practically with these techniques, Harmonic Power goes on to explain how the ancients drew power from the earth, and how this enabled them to live prodigiously long healthy lives. Harmonic Power shows you how to acquire this skill, which is your birthright.

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ISBN: 9780953240777
ISBN-10: 0953240770
Publisher: Sagax Publishing
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2013
Pages: 290
Language: English