Pornography (Paperback)

Pornography By Holly Johnson, Jelena Vermilion (Featuring) Cover Image
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A Graphic Dissertation


Presented by The Google Corporation

in association with The RAF.


This book is a reflection of a ten-year process of collaboration within the Internet.

The media contained in this book is the end user product of an ongoing system.

Through image-based narrative, author Holly Johnson quietly leads us through this retrospective exhibition.

Many artists, many cameras, many faces, and many places contributed to this volume.

Special thanks and appreciation to Ms. Jelena Vermilion & The RAF Crew.

Lamination is forever.


With much love and respect -

Holly Johnson (media representative)

Haldimand Tract

02-03-2023 5h 32m EST

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088103081
ISBN-10: 1088103081
Publisher: RAF
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2023
Pages: 228
Language: English