Free Your Fascia: Relieve Pain, Boost Your Energy, Ease Anxiety and Depression, Lower Blood Pressure, and Melt Years Off Your Body with Fascia Therapy (Paperback)

Free Your Fascia: Relieve Pain, Boost Your Energy, Ease Anxiety and Depression, Lower Blood Pressure, and Melt Years Off Your Body with Fascia Therapy By Dr. Daniel Fenster Cover Image
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Transform your health with this cutting-edge guide to fascia—your body's ‘hidden organ’—as a leading chiropractor and pain management specialist offers holistic and professional treatments for chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more

At the #1 pain management clinic in New York City, director Dr. Daniel Fenster has improved thousands of lives through holistic and integrative therapies. His experience has revealed to him that treating the fascia—your long-ignored, unappreciated, “hidden organ” that weaves around and through every single structure in your body—is crucial for both physical and mental health. Within these pages, Dr. Fenster will reveal all you need to know about fascia, including:

• The 8 “villains” that hurt your fascia and how to combat them
• A “free your fascia” quiz to assess what therapies are right for you
• 20 recipes to nourish your fascia
• Simple at-home exercises and DIY therapies for releasing and optimizing your fascia
• Advice for working with professionals and the most powerful tools in fascial manipulation
Exclusive to this book are interviews between Dr. Fenster and ten of the leading-edge fascia researchers and experts. By “freeing your fascia,” you'll feel stronger, healthier, and happier—from head to toe!

About the Author

Daniel Fenster, DC, is clinic director and lead chiropractor of Complete Wellness NYC with over thirty years of experience. He founded Complete Wellness in 2007 with the vision of treating patients with a unified, synergistic approach by merging essential services and highly skilled providers under one roof. Today, this integrated wellness center is staffed by top healthcare professionals in acupuncture and cupping, chiropractic, corrective one-on-one yoga, medical massage, medical pain relief, platelet-rich plasma injections, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, whole-body cryotherapy, nutrition for weight loss and optimal health, and more.

Dr. Fenster’s noninvasive philosophy of wellness and his commitment to treating the whole patient has made him the chiropractor of choice in NYC and worldwide.

Praise For…

“If you want to feel better, look better, be happier, and feel younger, this book is a must-read. In it, Dr. Fenster tells you why freeing your fascia is vital to leading an energetic, pain-free life—and he tells you, step by step, just how to do it.”
—Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, healthy-living media expert and world-renowned chiropractor 

“As a master’s certified practitioner of Active Release Techniques, it is refreshing to read a book that understands the importance of fascia. This is an area of soft-tissue rehabilitation that cannot be overlooked in the treatment of pain syndromes. Dr. Daniel Fenster has done an outstanding job. Kudos!”
—Christopher Anselmi, DC, ART

“In this exciting and informative book, Dr. Daniel Fenster introduces you to one of the most important and mysterious organs in your body—the fascia. He teaches you how to optimize your fascia, improving your flexibility, mobility, and ultimately your overall health.”
—Dana Cohen, M.D.

“Having known Dr. Daniel Fenster professionally for over 30 years and seen the success of his work, this book is the grand culmination of those years. His comprehensive approach to understanding and treating fascia is second to none.”
—Oz Garcia, nutritionist

“Fascia is a very important subject in exercise, and this book examines fascia thoroughly.”
—Harley Pasternak, nutrition expert and celebrity trainer

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ISBN: 9781401958640
ISBN-10: 1401958648
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2020
Pages: 240
Language: English