Awesome Tales from the Fringe: 20 Stories of Mystery and Suspense (Paperback)

Awesome Tales from the Fringe: 20 Stories of Mystery and Suspense By J. Aussem Cover Image
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There's no telling what might happen on the Fringe, until... Suddenly, you may find yourself in a situation from which you cannot escape... on the Fringe Beware Who knows? ...Except you Your fate may be unknown Be careful as you tread... Someone may or may not be able to come to your rescue... You may become a character in a horrible story-your own tale... That no one knows about... You realize to your horror and astonishment that you shouldn't have stepped over the Edge... But if you're adventurous enough, come and walk the line of the Fringe with the characters of these chilling tales. Some of those have crossed over into the unknown... For example, meet Rick Misfort, who finds himself locked up in a Medieval Torture Chamber, or Chester van Stillmort, who's frozen in a Cryogenic Deep Freeze and can't get out... Or how you'll discover that you cannot deplane off of Flight 136. Only Ms. Faith Foundered can see the Green Ghost Gremlins who are running all about, taking apart the plane and bringing it down You may also find yourself up against the likes of a lady named Gretchen who you didn't realize is a Witch Or you may find yourself beyond help, like Duke Skywatcher, who soon finds himself aboard an alien spaceship, soon to be whisked away and never heard from again Or risky and unpredictable time travel with Chico Hernandez in his time machine... It all remains a mystery... who or what you may soon find... on the Fringe.

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ISBN: 9781478750833
ISBN-10: 1478750839
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: June 18th, 2016
Pages: 186
Language: English