Last Drink Last Meal (Paperback)

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The title Last Meal Last Drink is poetry collection is about men who died prematurely. Let me clarify, when the deceased complained to say "I have been poisoned" or those who poisoned the person boast "I personally believe that is premature death". God laid upon my heart to write these poems when I was grieved by the death of my father who complained that he was poisoned and my cousin whom there were rumors that he was poisoned. I was told that in villages some wicked people poison marula beer it is more dangerous when mixed with poison. What worries me is that nobody stand up to report the wicked murderers to the authorities. Some resort to taking revenge using witchcraft - hiring a witch-doctor to avenge the perpetrator. This I was told is for fear of witchcraft or getting killed.

About the Author

Doreen Clementine Mampani is a Christian author from South Africa. She is married to Katalay Mampani and God blessed them with a daughter L'amour Mampani. She writes non-fiction books and poetry. She went through rejection at home, in some churches and communities, unemployment, poverty, loss of material possession, sickness and disease. She suffered racism in her home and communities. Born to a Colored woman whose mother was White. She was rejected by some Vendas, Coloreds, Indians and foreign nationals. She was almost raped many times in the community and some churches. She was beaten as a child, deprived of food and clothing. She had to carry water from the well while still young. She was brought up by her late aunt and grandmother. Doreen was beaten up for going to church while she was a child but that did not stop her. More of Doreen C. Mampani's books are: Nonfiction Who Owns Your Soul?, Who Owns Your Soul? Revised Edition, Sin Tantalizers The Reigning of the Refugee, The Citizens Bow to the Refugees, Log of Poverty in the Eye, Awakening of the Impoverished Prince, Deceiving Voice of Poverty, Trapped in the Underworld, Dinning With Deception in the Shrine, Deadly Diabolical Games, Dethroning Poverty from the Golden Throne, Uprooting the Bitter Roots of Abuse Monster in Mama is not Bigger than God, Monster in Mama is not Bigger than God. Revised Edition, Venom of a Bitter Woman, and Venom of a Bitter Woman. Revised Edition. Poetry The Storeroom Gives Birth to a Story, Tribulation Escorting Triumph, Author Without a Pen, 44 Liters of Tears, The Plague in the Fatherless Home, Great Departure of Mortals, Little Oil in My Lamp, The Song, The Dance, The Table and the Dinning of Souls, Riding on the Back of a Poor Man, Silencing the Laughter of Goliath, Shacks Paving Way for Mansions, Not Yet Time, No Need to Die Early Drops of Tears in the Desert, 44 Years and 4 Months, Tears of a Domestic Worker Heart of Stone in Dire Need of Heart of Flesh, Nobody Thinks About Me But I Must Think About Them, and Last Drink Last Meal.

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