Twice Cursed: An Anthology (Paperback)

Twice Cursed: An Anthology By Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Sarah Pinborough, Marie O'Regan (Editor), Paul Kane (Editor) Cover Image
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From the fun of the fair to the depths of hell, experience sixteen more curses in this sequel to the bestselling Cursed: An Anthology. A blend of traditional and reimagined curses from fairy-tales to Snow White, from some of the best names in fantasy.


Take a trip to a terrifying carnival and uncover the secrets within, solve a mysterious puzzle box and await your reward, join a travelling circus and witness the strangest ventriloquist act you’ve ever seen.

In this follow-up to the bestselling Cursed: An Anthology, you’ll unearth curses old and new. From a very different take on Snow White, to a new interpretation of The Red Shoes, the best in fantasy spin straw into gold, and invite you into the labyrinth.

Just don’t forget to leave your trail of breadcrumbs…

Featuring stories from:
Joanne Harris
Neil Gaiman
Joe Hill
Sarah Pinborough
Angela Slatter
M. R. Carey
Christina Henry
A. C. Wise
Laura Purcell
Katherine Arden
Adam L. G. Nevill
Mark Chadbourn
Helen Grant
Kelley Armstrong
A. K. Benedict
L. L. McKinney

About the Author

Marie O’Regan is a British Fantasy Award-nominated writer and editor of horror and dark fantasy fiction.

Paul Kane is an SFF and horror author and journalist, and co-edited the horror anothology Hellbound Hearts.

Praise For…

"This anthology should more than satisfy established genre fans and general readers alike." - Booklist

"Fans of eerie fairy tales and dark fantasy won’t want to miss this." –Publishers Weekly

"Some of the stories merely sidle up to the line between dark fantasy and horror, and some stake their oozing, bleeding hearts with it, but all bring a shiver of fear, dread, or understanding." –Library Journal


A magical, mythical, mystical collection that should appeal to fans of dark fables and traditional folk horror. - Den of Geek

This anthology should satisfy most fantasy readers and is well worth a look. - Booklist 

These stories are by turns eerie, grotesque, and delightful... Readers won’t have to be Brothers Grimm fans to appreciate this dark mélange. - Publishers Weekly Review

The editors have assembled a fantastic collection here, one that offers an array of talent and is packed with stories that are all worthy of a return visit... Certainly lives up to and surpasses expectations. - Starburst Magazine Revew

Puts new spins on old favorite stories and tropes, as well as offers a few completely new takes on the concept. - Book Riot

Skin-crawling, tooth-grinding scary and sensuous... an excellent collection whose unforgettable, spooky images invoke the magic of daily life. - Foreword Magazine Review

A strongly put together compilation, with very solid qualities... Really does achieve exactly what it set out to do. - The Bookbag Review

Every story selected for inclusion here is of incredibly high quality, delicious and moreish, provoking in the reader a compulsion to keep turning the pages until the book is complete. A compulsion strong enough to be a curse? Perhaps. You’ll need to buy a copy and find out for yourself. - A Set the Tape Review

Enchanting, spellbinding, gruesome and funny but seldom dull we give Cursed a 666/666. - Horror Hot House

A masterpiece in its editorial storytelling. - Her Campus

I enjoyed the twists and darkness in the stories and I will happily reread a few of them in the future. - A Novel Purpose Review

A really interesting mix of fairy tale, horror, and urban fantasy... A really well put together collection! - A Cat, A Book, and a Cup of Tea

A wonderful collection of stories. - Lucy’s Novel Purpose

A solid collection... The overall vibe of this book is really dark & creepy, and in addition to the stories by authors I love, it was a great introduction to some new-to-me authors! - Grimdark Dad Review

The book is packed with great tales, and some amazing authors. Whatever style that you enjoy, or writers that you like, is sure to be met here. The book has something for everyone, and continues the tradition of Titan producing some of the best anthology books around. - Trans-scribe Review

No matter what your reading preference there will be something here for you... Each author really did fulfil the brief though and I very much enjoyed how diverse the ideas were, be it taken from existing mythology or through an entirely fresh approach. - Paperbacks & Pinot Review

I really enjoyed this story collection... This anthology is defiantly for fans of fairy tales. It reaches out like a voice in the woods tempting your childhood self to step off the path and roam in the darkness for a little while. - Istoria Lit Review

I enjoyed reading this book so much! It was so interesting... I would definitely recommend this book. It was such a quick read with you able to read a tale here and there. - Pythia Reads Review

Beautiful, twisted, and refreshing takes on classic stories (with a few brand new fairytales thrown in the mix, too). - Howling Libraries blog tour review

A great collection. - SciFi Movie Page review

Like watching a amazing story teller tell a much to love about this anthology. - The Misadventures of a Reader blog tour review

A great collection of work from some great authors... has something for everyone. - Where There’s Ink There’s Paper Review

What impressed me was the depth and range of stories... There’s something to delight every fantasy / fairytale / horror fan. - The Book Lover’s Boudoir Review

Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy the darker side of fairy tales and the curses within. - Fantastic Books & Where to Find Them Review

An incredible collection. A must have for any fantasy fan. - An Average Life Review

This book is packed with great tales, and some amazing authors. Whatever style that you enjoy, or writers that you like, you will find something to read in this book. - Reader’s Enjoy Author’s Dreams Review

I really enjoyed reading Cursed it was perfect as I like fantasy with a dark twist...  I would definitely recommend Cursed and I am sure there is something in their for everyone. - Odd Socks and Lollipops Review

Perfect for the current state of the world. You’ll get sucked into these wonderful stories and want so much more! - mall3tg1rl blog tour review

CURSED is a masterfully edited book from a list of highly talented authors that delivers on its promise of evil curses, dark fairy tale retellings, and twists that are sure to give you goosebumps. - The Writerly Way blog tour review

The cadence of the book is spot on... O’Regan and Kane have a fantastic knack for knowing how to put stories in the right order. - Novel Lives blog tour review

[These] stories read quickly, but pack a real punch, landing in that sweet spot of short fiction that is often strived for but can be hard to land. - Looking Glass Reads blog tour review

A worthy addition to the twisted fairy tales genre. - The Frumious Consortium blog tour review

A fine collection of tales by some of the best names in fantasy... A high level of quality and some really interesting spins on the theme. - Runalong the Shelves Review

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to fans of dark fairytales. - The Paperback Piano Review

Product Details
ISBN: 9781803361215
ISBN-10: 1803361212
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: April 18th, 2023
Pages: 368
Language: English