Self-Elected: How to Put Justice Over Profit and Soar in Business (Hardcover)

Self-Elected: How to Put Justice Over Profit and Soar in Business By Lisa Wise Cover Image
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Self-Elected is a story of abundance. Part memoir, part business guide, and part manifesto, it invites the reader to explore the convergence of social justice and profit. Lisa Wise tells a deeply personal story about being a child left behind and how that beginning, coupled with an intuitive knack for entrepreneurship, evolved into an intense desire to build security for herself and others. This work is both personal and practical in nature, providing budding entrepreneurs and those who want to revisit their business models with concrete recommendations for centering their companies in justice without ceding profits. It includes an array of research and case studies to build a compelling argument that prioritizing people and place is the truest path not only to financial success, but to a more equitable society. Self-Elected is the story of how one woman who grew up with housing insecurity went on to build a thriving family of property management companies, all while flipping the traditional scarcity-based business model on its head.

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ISBN: 9781955985628
ISBN-10: 1955985626
Publisher: Publish Your Purpose
Publication Date: October 12th, 2022
Pages: 312
Language: English