Songs of African Fathers: (The Flavour of African Poetry) (Paperback)

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The late African Presidents such as Julius Kambarage Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah and others declared the devastating war against poverty, ignorance, and other miseries. Their wise words, visions, and actions paved a way for a new Africa.These poems portray their paramount wisdom and knowledge that enrich nowadays generations. They fought enemies of African development and prosperity; they believed Africa can shine more than the stars.

The following is an extract of the poem, 'Africa and Ignorance.'

Perhaps, Africa and ignorance,
Are enemies and best friends at once,

Many times, Africa acts in ignorance,
Its citizens get hurt in tolerance,

Maybe, Africa has a lifelong love affair with ignorance,
Because I don't see a serious severance,

Since then, my Africa fell asleep,
A sleepyhead land, who will wake it up?

Some Africans are far to the limit of ignorance,
Should they say no or be submissive to ignorance?

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Mniko Chacha is the Self-Published Author of five books namely: An Enemy of the Villagers (A book of stories), Kiraka Cha Ukombozi (This is a Novel in Kiswahili Language, ) Weka Pesa Pata Pesa (a book of poems in Swahili), Songs of African Fathers (This is a book of poems, ) and Storms and Pleasures (a book of Motivational Poems.) All these titles are available on Amazon websites.

His various works have been published on various magazines such as: Ponder Sarvant, Rock City Eye Magazine, and the 13 Alphabet Magazine. He works on a new novel in Swahili, which he intends to release on 2022. Follow him through Facebook Mniko Chacha, Twitter @mnikochacha3, Linkedn Mniko Chacha, and Instagram mniko50.

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