If An Eagle Cannot See (Paperback)

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"If An Eagle Cannot See"
By J.P Anakwue


"If An Eagle Cannot See", how will it hunt to fulfill its purpose of helping with nature's clean-up process? This thought-provoking collection explores the recurring motifs of the birthing of dreams and the revamp of the polity, inviting readers on a poetic journey of introspection and societal transformation.

In "Visions & Symbols," J. P. Anakwue employs natural images to delve into the avant-garde dream alchemy. Through vivid descriptions and evocative verses, the collection takes readers on a mesmerizing exploration of the inner realms of consciousness.

"Wake up Nigeria" adopts a prophetic tone, fearlessly addressing the political conditions that polarize society along ethnic and religious lines. With powerful imagery and poignant insights, Anakwue's poetry calls for awakening, unity and positive change.

In both sections of the book, there is an observed metamorphosis that tends towards an ethical revolution, inviting readers to reflect on their role in shaping a better world.


"If An Eagle Cannot See" is a collection that offers intriguing and thought-provoking poems. Although some of the pieces read like reflections, the essence of the message remains powerful and captivating. - Olayinka Oyegbile, ntm.ng

Throughout the piece, J. P. Anakwue masterfully employs vivid imagery and metaphors to evoke powerful emotions. Each poem resonates with a deep understanding of the human experience. - Clara, @bookmaniac_60, Bookstagrammer, Blogger

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ISBN: 9798852739773
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 20th, 2023
Pages: 92
Language: English