Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond (Paperback)

Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond By Sagel Urlacher, Norman Blair (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Sagel Urlacher, Norman Blair (Foreword by)
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Yin Yoga & Meditation invites you on an illuminating journey into Yin Yoga and into yourself. It will lead you inward as you deepen your awareness of your physical, energetic, mental, and emotional layers and help you tend to the connective tissues in your body.

Rooted in the Taoist, Buddhist, and Yoga Nidra wisdom traditions, this comprehensive and holistic book uniquely threads together the elements of a transformative Yin Yoga practice.

It will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to create and lead beneficial and inspiring practice sessions for yourself or others rooted in compassionate awareness. Written with care, this resource equips you with in-depth and easy-to-follow Yin Yoga pose instruction, complete with variations, modifications, and substitutions; a variety of Yin Yoga sequences; compelling invitations for reflections and inquiry; and a diverse collection of step-by-step guided meditation exercises to benefit you both on and off the mat that include deep relaxation methods, energy work, breathing practices, and mindfulness meditation techniques.

In these pages, you'll discover simple yet effective time-tested tools to help you nurture the yin and yang wings of natural presence within you and cultivate the skill of compassionate observation on the mat. Guidance is offered on integrating them into your daily life to nurture happiness, connection, and peace.

Additionally, the innovative and adaptable mandala map will help you tap into your inner wisdom and spark creative flow to theme and craft meaningful practice sessions, enabling you to personalize your sessions based on your intention and needs or the needs of your students and clients.

Equal parts science and spirit, this book's welcoming and accessible approach will help you uncover and benefit from the many possibilities Yin Yoga and meditation offer for balance, self-discovery, growth, and wellbeing.

In this Book You'll Find:

An expansive library of 75+ photographed Yin Yoga poses, alternatives, and counterposes. Includes step-by-step narrative instructions and modifications to meet diverse practitioners' needs. Broad sampling of Yin Yoga sequences provided.

Tools for your toolbox 40+ ready-to-use guided meditation scripts to help you embrace your yin qualities. Extensive collection of Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation, Taoist Energy Cultivation, and Breathwork exercises on the yoga mat or anytime to rejuvenate and reconnect with peace and presence.

A deep dive into the 7 practice principles of Yin Yoga & Meditation and guidance on how to use them to keep your practice sustainable, beneficial, and inspired.

An exploration of the Taoist 5 Elements and energetic Organs and techniques for sensing and harnessing the power of the life-force energy within you. Includes charting the Qi channel pathways and guidance on creating Yin Yoga sequences to rebalance your energy.

Yinpressions, the building blocks of the Yin Yoga poses, as an approach to tailoring and sequencing the poses to help you and your students or clients honor individualized needs. Learn creative ways to use a variety of props.

Meditative inquiry, stories, and encouragement from the root wisdom traditions to support personal reflection, deepen awareness, and uncover your inner wisdom.

Guidance for crafting inspired class themes and personalizing your practice, teaching, or client sessions. Use the adaptive mandala map to help evoke your intuition and creative wisdom.

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ISBN: 9798985626605
Publisher: Sacred Nature Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 332
Language: English