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Illustration by Bob Eckstein, from Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores

(Above: Illustration by Bob Eckstein, from Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores

Greenlight is grateful for the national, local, and industry newspapers, magazines, blogs and online dailies that have helped share our story -- a story that is uniquely ours, and also one that's shared by independent bookstores in the city and around the country. We're proud to have been named one of the best bookstores in the city multiple times, to have our Community Lender model used by independent bookstores around the country, and of course any time we're named the go-to local indie for writers we love.  Here, you'll find press coverage organized by year, with some of our favorite clippings highlighted.  


"12 Best Bookstores in New York City (Families will Love)" (, October 13, 2022)

"The Art of the Hand-Sell: Booksellers Recommend Translations" (Literary Hub, September 16, 2022)

“Traditions like Find Waldo Local can be so much of what makes a neighborhood feel like a community,” said Chelsea Carr, Greenlight Bookstore’s Marketing Coordinator. “We hope families discover and connect with the incredible breadth of local businesses in their communities while enjoying the search for Waldo this July.” 

"Greenlight Bookstore’s neighborhood-wide Where’s Waldo hunt is back through July 31" (Brooklyn Paper, July 13, 2022) above

"After lunch, I walked to Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene to sign books. My first signing for Either/Or! The books looked great, though it felt somehow strange to see so many of them. I kept misspelling my name."—author Elif Batuman

"Elif Batuman Wants Her Tea to Taste Like Candy" (Grub Street, May 27, 2022) above

Ikwo Ntekim, general manager at Greenlight Bookstore, said people had been "stopping in all morning" and sensed palpable excitement from participants eager to enjoy the annual Crawl again after three years. "The support for indie bookstores is definitely still there," she said.

"Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl Returns to the Borough" (Publishers Weekly, April 25, 2022) above

"Get Ready to Snap Up Some Books With the Return of the Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl" (Brownstoner, April 13, 2022)

"A ‘bookstore crawl’ returns to Brooklyn this month" (, April 7, 2022)

"Josie Smith New Events & Marketing Manager at Greenlight" (Shelf Awareness, February 14, 2022)


"Greenlight Bookstore Co-Owner Rebecca Fitting Steps Back" (Publishers Weekly, October 29, 2021)

"Ownership Change for Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore" (Shelf Awareness, October 29, 2021)

"Managerial Changes at Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore" (Shelf Awareness, October 4, 2021)

"Chalkboards: Greenlight Bookstore" (Shelf Awareness, September 24, 2021)

Sanyu Dillon browsing the "Summer Reading Recommendations" table at Greenlight's Fulton Street store.

"How a Publishing Executive Spends Her Sundays" (The New York Times, September 10, 2021) above

"Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore Reorganizes Events & Marketing Department" (Shelf Awareness, September 7, 2021)

"Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore Reorganizes Buying Department" (Shelf Awareness, August 31, 2021)

“Even in pandemic times, the most rewarding things are getting to talk about and champion books we love, and getting to help people find just the right book for them,” says co-owner Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo. “And of course the absolute best is when those two things overlap.”

"9 Indie Brooklyn Bookstores to Visit Today" (Brooklyn Magazine, February 16, 2021) above

"ABA Announces New Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Members" (American Booksellers Association, February 15, 2021)

Jessica Stockton Bagnulo photo

“For some people, it’s the barbershop, for some it’s the bar, for some it’s the bookstore,” Greenlight co-owner Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo says. “It’s where you go to be with people when you need a place to go to encounter your world.”

"“A Place to Encounter Your World”: Greenlight Bookstore Adapts to the Pandemic" (Bklyner, February 15, 2021) above

“I think people are obviously going to come back to the store to shop,” Greenlight e-commerce manager Shauna Westgate says. “People miss shopping and browsing. But I don’t see the [online] numbers slipping. I think e-commerce is going to continue to be strong and probably grow.”

"Indie Bookstores Embrace E-Commerce... and It Pays Off" (Publishers Weekly, February 5, 2021) above

"Author Lauren Oyler Is Always Eating Little Treats" (Grub Street, February 5, 2021)


How Politics, Protests and the Pandemic Shaped a Year in Books

"How Politics, Protests and the Pandemic Shaped a Year in Books" (The New York Times, December 31, 2020) above

"Cookbooks for you and everyone you know" (Big Sis, Little Dish, December 13, 2020)

"The 19 best books ‘Fast Company’ staffers read during quarantine—and the indie bookstores where you can buy them" (Fast Company, November 6, 2020)

"How Bookstores Are Coping: 'Less Down Is the New Up'; New Home" (Shelf Awareness, October 30, 2020)

"Independent Bookstores Are Struggling. Here Are 13 Stylish Ways To Support Them." (HuffPost, October 23, 2020)

"What Is the Bougiest Status Symbol in Sofia Coppola’s New Movie?" (Slate, October 23, 2020)

Greenlight Bookstore boycott campaign photo

"How an Agency Cut Through ‘Purpose Clutter’ With Its Bookstore Campaign Trolling Amazon" (Adweek, October 19, 2020) above

#boxedout #shopindie event photo

"Fighting Back Against Amazon, Indie Bookstores Wage a Cardboard-Wrapped Protest" (Adweek, October 15, 2020) above

the Don't Box Out Bookstores event photo

"Your Local Bookstore Wants You to Know That It’s Struggling" (The New York Times, October 15, 2020) above

ABA Marketing campaign photo

"ABA Kicks Off New Marketing Campaign" (Publishers Weekly, October 14, 2020) above

If shoppers could shift more of their purchasing away from Amazon to local businesses like ours ... it could make all the difference in allowing us to survive and thrive for years to come. We hope Boxed Out will have that effect." —Greenlight co-owner Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo

"Indie bookstores launch anti-Amazon ‘Boxed Out’ campaign" (The Associated Press, October 13, 2020) above

"American Booksellers Association Launches "Boxed Out" Campaign Across the U.S." (Business Wire, October 13, 2020)

"Sidewalk Chalkboards: Greenlight Bookstore" (Shelf Awareness, October 2, 2020)

"NAIBA Membership Pulls Together During a Difficult Year" (Publishers Weekly, September 25, 2020)

"Brooklyn Bookstores Unite for Independent Bookstore Day" (Publishers Weekly, August 7, 2020)

"Brooklyn Bookstore Pens Open Letter Apologizing for Racial Bias" (BK Reader, July 10, 2020)

"Brooklyn Bookstore Commits to Anti-Racism Audit" (Publishers Weekly, July 10, 2020)

"[My favorite indie bookstore is] Greenlight Bookstore in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, my neighborhood. It's sweet and small and perfect." —author Elisabeth Thomas

"Meet: Elisabeth Thomas" (BiblioLifestyle, July 9, 2020) above

"Many Bookstores Following Go Slow Approach to Reopening" (Publishers Weekly, June 12, 2020)

"Save Indie Bookstores" (Poets & Writers, June 10, 2020)

"I find that independent bookstores are also more likely to support the people in their communities. When I first published my novel, my local bookstore, Greenlight, prominently displayed my books. So did my local bookstore, Bookophilia and Kingston Bookshop in Jamaica. I felt like a hometown hero." —author Nicole Dennis-Benn

"Author Interview: Nicole Dennis-Benn" (Libro.FM Blog + Shop, June 10, 2020) above

"NYC Booksellers Enter Phase 1 of Reopening Cautiously" (Shelf Awareness, June 10, 2020)

Q&A Extras: Jennifer Egan—Jennifer Egan and Johnny Temple talk cats and their love for Fort Greene's Greenlight Bookstore (Akashic Books, May 15, 2020) video above

"Melville Housebound: Interview with Jessica Stockton Bagnulo and Johnny Temple" (Melville House, May 12, 2020) video above

"Booksellers Look to Curbsides and Online Sales, Not In-Store Customers" (Publishers Weekly, May 12, 2020)

"This is Chance! New York Magazine writer Jon Mooallem provided a history of the largest earthquake in North American history that took place in Alaska in 1964" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, April 17, 2020, video)

"22 Surprising Indie Bookstore Best Sellers" (The Strategist, May 6, 2020)

"26 Independent Bookstores in the U.S. That We Love" (AFAR, April 9, 2020)

"Video: Greenlight Bookstore's #TogetherApart Message" (Shelf Awareness, April 6, 2020) video above

"Brooklyn's Independent Bookshops Move Operations Online Amid Outbreak" (Brooklyn Paper, April 2, 2020)

"I’m sure I’m not going to be the only Strategist team member to bring up Greenlight Bookstore here. [Editors’ note: She’s right. You’ll see.] It hosts the best events. You’re crammed in like sardines but no one cares because you’re having such intimate conversations while also looking out the big windows onto the leafy Fort Greene streets."

"The Local Stores We’re Supporting During the Coronavirus Outbreak" (The Strategist, March 24, 2020) above

"15 NYC bookstores offering curbside pickup and delivery" (, March 19, 2020)

"Need recipe inspiration? Indie bookstores are delivering cookbooks" (Time Out New York, March 18, 2020)

"ESSENTIAL BUSINESS: Bookstores Are Open, Sort Of" (Bklyner, March 18, 2020)

"As New York’s Indie Bookstores Close Their Doors, They Search for Community Online" (Vulture, March 17, 2020)

"Brooklyn Stays Home as Coronavirus Spreads" (Brownstoner, March 16, 2020)

"Indie Bookstores Begin Temporary Closures" (Publishers Weekly, March 16, 2020)

"New York Bookstores Weathering Coronavirus Outbreak" (Publishers Weekly, March 10, 2020)

"The Ones We've Been Waiting For—Time national correspondent Charlotte Alter reported on how millennials have gained leadership roles at the local and national level" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, February 19, 2020, video)

"Duke is going to need another walk. Sometimes we’ll walk to Greenlight Bookstore. I get a discount because of my membership with BAM. It’s also very dog-friendly." —Melissa Silverstein, the founder and publisher of Women and Hollywood

"How a Champion of Female Filmmakers Spends Her Sundays" (The New York Times, February 7, 2020) above

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ezra Klein at St. Joseph's College event photo

"Image of the Day: Klein and Coates" (Shelf Awareness, February 5, 2020) above

Ulla Johnson and child candid photo

"How Ulla Johnson, Fashion Designer, Spends Her Sundays" (The New York Times, January 31, 2020) above


"The Booksellers’ Year in Reading: Part 1" (LitHub, December 24, 2019)

Independent Presses display store photo

"10 Great Bookstores in Brooklyn, New York" (Independent Book Review, December 17, 2019) above

"Shipping Delays Frustrate Indies’ Holiday Season" (Publishers Weekly, December 11, 2019)

Woman buys local store photo

"Indies First/SBS Celebrates Buying Local" (Shelf Awareness, December 2, 2019) above

"Order Online from These 10+ Independent Bookstores (Not Amazon)" (, November 23, 2019)

"Love Your Bookstore: Greenlight Bookstore" (The Millions, November 13, 2019)

"Mamas Making It Work!: Jessica Runs her Bookstore in "Clonky" Shoes!" (, October 31, 2019)

"Happy 10th Birthday, Greenlight Bookstore!" (Shelf Awareness, September 12, 2019)

"NYC’s Best Independent Bookstores for Kids" (Red Tricycle, September 11, 2019) 

Tucked into the leafy Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn lies Greenlight Bookstore, a gem of a shop with big street-facing windows and a wide selection of new and old reads.

"8 of the Coolest Indie Bookstores in the United States" (, August 26, 2019) above

"A Particular Kind of Black Man-A Novel—Tope Folarin talked about his book, A Particular Kind of Black Man: A Novel, in which he addressed issues of immigration, identity, and religion in tracing the Akinola family’s move from Nigeria to Utah" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, August 29, 2019, video)

"Indies First 2019 N.K. Jemison" (American Booksellers Association, August 14, 2019) video above, shot on location at our Fort Greene store!

"The best books for new New Yorkers, with Greenlight Books" (, August 7, 2019)

"Lisa Taddeo and Katie Couric on "Three Women" (Simon & Schuster Books, August 5, 2019) video above, shot on location at our Fort Greene store!

"Summer Beach Reads with Greenlight Books | 112BK" (BRIC TV, July 16, 2019) video above

A charming and historic location where the staff really care about quality literature and are always eager to share personal recommendations, discuss the finest classics and dissect the latest releases, and engage with customers in ways that big brand bookstores simply do not, Greenlight Bookstore is one of the best places to shop for books in NYC, as well as being a wonderful cultural hub for the local community and literary enthusiasts.

"Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn" (, July 7, 2019) above

"The Crowded Hour—Clay Risen talked about his book, The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the Dawn of the American Century, his history of the Rough Riders, a volunteer cavalry led by Theodore Roosevelt" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, June 24, 2019, video)

"Charged—New York Magazine’s Emily Bazelon took part in a discussion of her book, Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration, in which she reported on the power of prosecutors in the American criminal justice system" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, April 17, 2019, video)

Yours Truly Brooklyn storefront photo

"Greenlight's Sister Store: Yours Truly, Brooklyn" (Shelf Awareness, March 11, 2019) above

"It might seem as though bookstores in particular have the most to celebrate about Amazon's retreat from Queens, but the victory is larger than that: it belongs to advocates for workers, immigrants, residents, and small businesses throughout our city." —Greenlight Bookstore co-owner Jessica Stockton Bagnulo

"'They just took their ball and went home in a pout': New York City bookstores respond to Amazon headquarters announcement" (ABC News, February 15, 2019) above

"Black Fortunes—Shomari Wills recalled the lives of six black entrepreneurs who achieved their wealth during the 19th and 20th centuries" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, February 4, 2019, video)

"How NYC Books Through Bars is bringing books to inmates" (Shareable, January 10, 2019)


"Gift Ideas for Her: Bklyner Holiday Gift Guide" (Bklyner, December 5, 2018)

"Announcing our December partner bookseller: Greenlight!" (Book Post, December 1, 2018)

"26 Gifts Book Lovers Won't Be Able to Resist" (Bazaar, November 27, 2018) featuring our First Editions Club Subscription!

"Almost Everything—Novelist Anne Lamott offered her thoughts on hope, forgiveness, and generosity" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, October 22, 2018, video)

"11 Independent Bookstores Stocking Diverse Titles And Inspiring Community" (The Good Trade, October 20, 2018) 

"Best Book Clubs for Kids in NYC" (Time Out, October 18, 2018)

"I might also swing by Greenlight Bookstore, this lovely independent bookstore in the neighborhood. I made the mistake recently of buying Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, which is 818 pages long. It’s going great so far, I’m on about page 23!" —'Chopped' host Ted Allen

"‘Chopped’ host Ted Allen spends weekends scarfing down fried chicken sandwiches" (New York Post, October 5, 2018) above

"The Indie Author–Indie Bookseller Relationship Warms Up" (Publisher's Weekly, September 28, 2018)

Initiated by a conversation between [Jarrod Annis of Greenlight Bookstore] and former CLMP executive director Jeffrey Lependorf, the IBC will work in collaboration with SPD and CLMP to bring together booksellers focused on selling small press poetry, literary fiction and works in translation.

"SPD, CLMP Organize Indie Bookseller Small Press Support" (Publisher's Weekly, September 21, 2018) above

"You can only grow so much in a physical space," said Greenlight co-owner Rebecca Fitting, "then you have to figure out ways to grow outside of it."

"Bookstores are finding creative ways to survive and thrive in the age of Amazon" (Crain's New York, September 17, 2018) above

"The Bookstore Recommends: 10 Great Small Press Books You Should Read: Brooklyn's Greenlight With Favorites in Poetry and Fiction" (LitHub, September 14, 2018) 

Greenlight is another spot with two locations to choose from – 686 Fulton Street, or 632 Flatbush Avenue – and has also remained a consistent favorite of mine, in part due to the book selection, but also because they tend to have really solid programming! (I mean, Eileen FLIPPIN’ Myles is gonna be at the Fort Greene shop tomorrow night, and that’s just one example.)

"A Few of Our (My) Favorite NYC Bookstores" (, September 11, 2018) above

Q&A with a bookseller featuring Jarrod Annis from Greenlight Bookstore photo

"Q&A with a Bookseller, featuring Jarrod Annis from Greenlight Bookstore" (The Authors Guild, September 4, 2018) above

"Prospect Lefferts Gardens: What to do in the rapidly changing parkside neighborhood" (AM New York, July 31, 2018)

Paper Pleasures: We always stop by Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton Street. I went through a phase where I read everything electronically, and now I’ve gone back to actual books. The people who work there are super knowledgeable. I can always find something.

"How Angela Goding, of MoMA PS1, Spends Her Sundays" (The New York Times, June 1, 2018) above

"Summer Books 2018: What To Read When You’re Hitting The Beach" (CBS New York, May 29, 2018, video)

"The Best Gifts for Bookworms (That Aren’t Books)" (New York Magazine, May 14, 2018) featuring our First Editions Club Subscription!

"Cool Music Video Set of the Day: Greenlight Bookstore" (Shelf Awareness, May 7, 2018) video above, shot on location at our Fort Greene store!

"Rumaan Alam on his reading list, go-to bookstore and writing process" (AM New York, April 30, 2018)

"Independent Bookstore Day celebrations in NYC go beyond Manhattan" (AM New York, April 26, 2018)

"I feel that we’re collaborators in the project of selling my book and other books we all believe in. I’ve attended a book group there, interviewed other writers there, and signed my own books for people all over the country who’ve ordered them there. I also love to browse; it’s a beautiful, light-saturated place, and I always make discoveries. I buy most of my books there." —author Jennifer Egan

"Writers Really Love Seeing People Being Courteous on the Subway" (Vulture, April 26, 2018) above

"Everything You Love Will Burn—Investigative journalist Vegas Tenold reported on white nationalism in America" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, February 21, 2018, video)

"V Books: VIBE Goes Shopping For Books With A$AP Twelvyy" (, February 14, 2018) video above, shot on location at our Fort Greene store!

"We are the little bookstore that could," owners said. "Our first steady flow of customers were all people who were like, 'I just had to come in to buy a book.'" 

"Greenlight Bookstore Will Rebuild After Bomb Cyclone Damage" (, January 5. 2018) above

"P-LG Greenlight Bookstore Floods After Pipe Bursts" (Bklyner, January 5, 2018)

"Greenlight Bookstore in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens floods after burst pipe, more than 750 books damaged" (AM New York, January 4, 2018)


"The Books That Got New Yorkers Through 2017" (The Village Voice, December 30, 2017)

"Small businesses anxious about making the new minimum wage work" (Crain's New York Business, December 11, 2017)

"7 Gift Ideas Instead of the Feminist T-Shirt" (, December 8, 2018) featuring our City of Women poster!

"Fair weather: Brooklyn Flea winters in Industry City" (Brooklyn Paper, November 30, 2017)

"Playing by the book: Why some landlords are leasing to independent bookshops" (, November 21, 2017)

"I Can't Breathe—Matt Taibbi recounted the events leading up to the death of Eric Garner and examined issues surrounding policing and mass incarceration. He was in conversation with journalist and author Toure'" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, November 1, 2018, video)

"Booksellers Prep for Small Business Saturday" (Publisher's Weekly, November 17, 2017)

"The independent bookstore revival in Brooklyn" (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 30, 2017)

"Brooklyn in the spring is magical. My daughter and I love spending a Saturday walking around Fort Greene. Flowers are blooming, couples are canoodling, Brooklyn Flea is open for business... We’d visit Greenlight Bookstore, or the fabulous playground by the Clinton/Washington A train, catch a street festival, or a matinee at BAM. There’s always something happening." —author Tia Williams

"Author Tia Williams on the Incredibly Fashionable World of Romantic Escapism" (NBC News, October 13, 2017) above

King’s Theater. Greenlight Bookstore and the Atlantic Present Ta-Nehisi Coates in conversation. Tonight. Sold Out.

"In Conversation with Ta-Nehisi Coates: Seeking Hope in a World That Bends Towards Chaos" (BK Reader, October 7, 2017) above

"Ta-Nehisi Coates Packs Kings Theatre For A Conversation"  (Bklyner, October 5, 2017)

"The Resurgence of New York City’s Indie Booksellers" (The Wall Street Journal, October 4, 2017)

"Hillary Clinton Meets With The People At Local Bookstore" (Queens Gazette, October 4, 2017)

"Still with her: Hundreds of fans greet Hillary Clinton at Fort Greene book signing" (Brooklyn Paper, September 28, 2017)

"Image of the Day: Clinton in Brooklyn" (Shelf Awareness, September 28, 2017)

"Hillary Clinton book tour stops in NYC" (News 12 Brooklyn, September 27, 2017)

"Clinton Book Signing a Family Affair" (Bklyner, September 28, 2017)

Hillary Clinton signing with little girl store photo

"Hillary Clinton Met A Pantsuit-Wearing Fan On Her 'What Happened' Book Tour & The Photo Is Adorable" (Bustle, September 2017) above

"The 28 coolest independent bookstores in the US" (Matador Network, September 25, 2017)

"A guide to Brooklyn fundraisers and businesses donating sales to Hurricane Harvey relief" (Brokelyn, September 5, 2017)

"Hillary Clinton Coming To Fort Greene To Promote New Book" (Bklyner, September 1, 2017)

"Hillary Clinton to Visit Ft. Greene Bookstore During Tour for New Memoir" (DNAinfo, August 30, 2017)

"Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ Book Tour Comes to Fort Greene’s Greenlight" (BK Reader, August 30, 2017)

"Hillary Clinton is Coming to Greenlight Bookstore" (, August 29, 2017)

"The Politics of Curation: An Op-Ed by Rebecca Fitting" (American Booksellers Association blog, August 29, 2017)

"Booksellers Respond to Charlottesville" (American Booksellers Association,, August 22, 2017)

"Be More Than A Bookstore: A Brick-And-Mortar Shop's Key To Success" (NPR, Morning Edition, August 15, 2017)

"Ta-Nehisi Coates to Talk New Book at Kings Theatre in October" (Brownstoner, August 8, 2017)

"Ta-Nehisi Coates Comes to Flatbush’s Kings Theatre" (BK Reader, August 7, 2017)

"Ta-Nehisi Coates Will Talk About His New Book At The Kings Theatre This Fall" (Gothamist, August 5, 2017)

"Bookstores, the Amazon resistance" (New York Daily News, July 10, 2017)

"Thanks, Amazon Prime! Now independent bookstores are booming" (Marketwatch, July 10, 2017)

This Fort Greene fixture just opened a second location in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. It’s distinguished by a neighborly vibe and a robust lineup of readings

"Best Independent Bookstores in New York City" (NYCGO, June 13, 2017) above

"Here in Brooklyn, on Fulton Street, there’s Greenlight Bookstore. I just love it because there are so many types of people represented there, and they’re so supportive of local writers." —poet, actress, and activist Amber Tamblyn

"The perfect date night, according to Amber Tamblyn and David Cross" (New York Post, May 20, 2017) above

"A guide to NYC's remaining independent bookstores" (AM New York, May 12, 2017)

"My Life with Bob—Pamela Paul talked about her book My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues, in which she offers a look into her journal that lists all of the books she has read over the past twenty-eight years" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, May 3, 2017, video)

"NYC bookstores are making a comeback" (AM New York, May 1, 2017)

"All Day—Liza Peterson talked about her book, All Day: A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Rikers Island, about teaching incarcerated youth at Rikers Island" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, April 27, 2017, video)

"NYC is short on bookstores -- but independent owners are changing that" (New York Post, April 2, 2017)

"Are the bookstores coming back?" (The Real Deal, April 2, 2017)

"Greenlight Bookstore Kicks Off Immigrant Reading Series Tuesday" (DNAinfo, March 7, 2017)

"Best Children's Bookstores in NYC" (CBS New York, March 2, 2017)

A branch of the independent Greenlight Bookstore open-end in November at 632 Flatbush Avenue. Recently Javaka Steptoe read there from his book “Radiant Child: The story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.”

"Living in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn" (The New York Times, February 1, 2017) above


"Mom-and-pop bookstores see surprising retail plot twist" (CBS News, December 31, 2016)

"149 Booksellers Receive Holiday Bonuses From James Patterson" (Bookselling This Week, December 15, 2016)

"Ann Patchett's Guide for Bookstore Lovers" (The New York Times, December 6, 2016)

"Around Indies: Doors Open at Print, Avid, and Greenlight" (Bookselling This Week, November 30, 2016)

What it takes to open a bookstore. Marian Bagnulo, 4, observes as volunteers prepare the Greenlight Bookstore’s new location in Prospect Lefferts Garden.

"What It Takes to Open a Bookstore" (The New York Times, November 29, 2016) above

"Spine-tingling news! Greenlight Bookstore's PLG outpost now open" (Brooklyn Paper, November 29, 2016)

"You Can Shelve Books at Greenlight's New Store to Help It Open This Weekend" (DNAinfo, November 21, 2016)

"Indie Booksellers: Book Clubs Are for Children Too" (Publisher's Weekly, August 2018, 2016)

"The Best Independent Bookstores in NYC" (Gothamist, June 16, 2016)

"Greenlight Bookstore Looking for 'Community Lenders' for New Brooklyn Shop" (DNAinfo, February 15, 2016)

"Finalists Named for 2016 PW Bookstore of the Year" (Publishers Weekly, January 26, 2016)


"Indoor Activities for kids in NYC" (Time Out New York, December 2015)

"5 Reasons Why Independent NYC Bookstores Are Doing Better Than You Think" (DNAinfo, November 12, 2015)

"Greenlight Bookstore opening second store in PLG high-rise" (Brooklyn Paper, November 10, 2015)

"The Curious Persistence of Poetry Shops" (The New Yorker, November 7, 2015)

Greenlight Bookstore is opening a second location, in Prospect Lefferts Garden

"Greenlight Bookstore Is Opening Second Location, In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens" (BKLYNER, November 3, 2015) above

"Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore to Open Second Location" (Publisher's Weekly, November 3, 2015)

"Greenlight Bookstore to Open Second Location, in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens" (DNAinfo, November 3, 2015)

"Greenlight Bookstore is opening a Prospect-Lefferts Gardens location in 2016" (Brokelyn, November 3, 2015)

Interview with a Bookstore: Greenlight Books, where Cesar Aira got to meet Cecil Taylor

"Interview with a Bookstore: Greenlight Bookstore" (Literary Hub, October 19, 2015) above

"Pop-Up Greenlight Bookstore for Kids Opens in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens" (DNAinfo, October 5, 2015)

"Best Bookstore (2015)" (Village Voice, October 2015)

"Reasons to love Fulton Street in Fort Greene" (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 22, 2015)

"Bookstore Pits Harper Lee Against Ta-Nehisi Coates in Sales Competition" (DNAinfo, July 2015)

Greenlight Bookstore has quickly become recognized for its innovation by authors and publishers alike, allowing them to bring great authors to the borough and highlighting some of its talented residents. Their close connection to the neighborhood also allows them to work with local businesses and organizations to create a thriving community. 

"Greenlight Bookstore: A Fairytale of New York" (Independent Publisher, July 2015) above

"Firefight—Ginger Adams Otis talked about her book, Firefight: The Century-Long Battle to Integrate New York’s Bravest, about the 100-year struggle to integrate the New York City Fire Department" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, June 3, 2015, video)

"Indie Bookstores Are Finally Not Dying" (The Daily Beast, May 2015)

"Snap chats! Meet your favorite local author in a F'Greene photobooth" (The Brooklyn Paper, April 30, 2015)

"Book/Plate: A literary culinary series with Greenlight Bookstore & Peck’s Homemade" (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 21, 2015)

"Book and Food Pairings, Brooklyn-Style" (Publishers Weekly, April 15, 2015)

"The Most Good You Can Do—Peter Singer talked about his book The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically, in which he argues that society is entering an age in which success will be based more on altruism than financial accomplishments" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, April 14, 2015, video)

"New York City's 20 Best Independently Owed Bookstores, Mapped" (Racked NY, March 17, 2015)


"The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace—Jeff Hobbs talked about his book, The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League, in which he recounts the life and death of his college roommate, Robert Peace, who was raised in a poor neighborhood of Newark, New Jersey, and attended Yale University" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, September 29, 2014, video)

"Greenlight Bookstore Joins the Podcasting World" (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, July 11, 2014)

"6 Independent Bookstores That Are Thriving -- and How They Do It" (New York Magazine, Daily Intelligencer, April 13, 2014)

"The Bill of the Century—Clay Risen talked about his book, The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act, in which he recounts the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, April 9, 2014, video)

"Lost Illusions At The Local Bookstore" (The New Yorker, web, March 27, 2014)

"Book Discussion The News: A User's Manual—Alain de Botton talked about his book, The News: A User’s Manual, in which he looks at the way the news media shapes the way we think about politics, tragedy, crime, and celebrity" (C-SPAN2 BookTV, March 3, 2014, video)


In only four short years, Greenlight has established itself as Fort Greene's literary destination. With its sprawling selection and glorious children's section, it's the oasis the neighborhood had long yearned for. How many other stores can count Jhumpa Lahiri and Hari Kuzru as neighbors and devoted patrons? Don't miss their yearly soiree during the Brooklyn Book Festival, where you may end up dancing with a lampshade on your head with a Nobel Prize winner.

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At a time when huge bookstore chains are shuttering, when independently run stores of all stripes are struggling, and when even long-lasting brick-and-mortar establishments feel threatened by online shopping, Greenlight is expanding.

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"I’ve already come to think of Greenlight as an extension of my home. Everyone knew Fort Greene needed a bookstore, but I don’t think anyone dreamed it would be as perfect a place as this." —author Jhumpa Lahiri

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Two years later, but grant winner finally opens her bookshop. From winning a grant from the Brooklyn Public Library, to scouting locations and creating neighborhood buzz, the story of Greenlight Bookstore has been a page turner. Now after more than two years, the independent bookseller will finally open on Saturday in the heart of Fort Greene. Jessica Stockton Bagnulo’ dream of opening a bookstore-yes some people still have that dream, apparently- bean with a $15,000 grant from the library system in 2007 and has finally culminated in a bricks and mortar location on busy Fulton Street called Greenlight Bookstore. Her location- in one of the borough’s most literary communities, close to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and far from any real competition, and with 10,000 titles in stock0 could help her and co owner Rebecca Fitting defy the dour trend in bookstores. On one side of the large airy space at the busy corner of S. Portland Avenue there will be a section dedicated to the performing arts, fitting for a store that’s just five blocks from the BAM. A long sunlit set to local authors, a group that has shown overwhelming support for the new independent store.

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A woman dreams of opening a bookstore and defying the trends

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