Unbound at BAM

Greenlight Bookstore partners with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) to bring today’s most renowned authors to Brooklyn for the national launch of their latest works in BAM's gorgeous theatrical spaces. Past guests include Janelle Monae, Hanif Abdurraqib, Alec Baldwin, Sara Bareilles, Staceyann Chin, John Cleese, Elvis Costello, Lena Dunham, Neil Gaiman, Roxane Gay, Masha Gessen, Nikole Hannah-Jones N.K. Jemisin, Saeed Jones, Spike Lee, Jonathan Lethem, Morgan Parker, Orhan Pamuk, Dab Rather, Arundhati Roy,  Sarah Ruhl, Rebecca Solnit, Gloria Steinem, Alice Waters, Ai Weiwei and others.

Tickets or RSVPs are required for admission to all Unbound events; some tickets include a copy of the book, distributed at the event. Click the "Buy Tickets" button below each event to reserve your seat through BAM.org. Featured Unbound books are for sale at 15% off at the Greenlight at BAM kiosk on the night of the event only. 

These events will adhere to protocols developed in accordance with New York State regulations and in consultation with medical professionals for the safety of our artists, audiences, and staff. All tickets are general admission. The safety of BAM's audiences, staff, and artistic community is their top priority. All guests must wear masks at all times. Please visit BAM’s safety protocol page for the most up-to-date information.

Author photo of Senator Bernie SandersLive at BAM!
Monday, February 20th, 8:00 PM ET
Senator Bernie Sanders

In conversation with Dr. Cornel West
Launch of It's OK to Be Angry About Capitalism
Co-Presented by BAM and Greenlight Bookstore

Tickets: $40, includes a hardcover copy of It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism, to be picked up at the event
Part of Unbound Series

How can we accept an economic order that allows three billionaires to control more wealth than the bottom half of our society? How can we accept a political system that allows the super rich to buy elections and politicians? How can we accept an energy system that rewards the fossil fuel corporations causing the climate crisis? In an evening of conversation, Senator Bernie Sanders is joined by Dr. Cornel West to discuss his new book, It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism, and the tough questions he believes the American people must ask in these turbulent times. He presents a vision for democracy as we should know it and what he believes would be possible if the political revolution took place, if we would finally recognize that economic rights are human rights, and if we would work to create a society that provides a decent standard of living for all.

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Jenny OdellJia TolentinoLive at BAM!
Thursday, March 9, 7:30 PM ET
Jenny Odell

In conversation with Jia Tolentino
Launch of 
Saving Time
Co-Presented by BAM and Greenlight Bookstore
Tickets: $40, includes a pre-signed hardcover copy of Saving Time, to be picked up at the event
Part of Unbound Series

What if you don’t have time to spend? How is our painful relationship to time inextricably connected not only to persisting social inequities but to the climate crisis, existential dread, and a lethal fatalism? How might we imagine a world not centered on work, the office clock, or the profit motive? In this intimate evening of conversation, multi-disciplinary artist and author Jenny Odell explores these questions and more, offering different ways to experience time and find a more humane, responsive way of living. Celebrating the launch of Saving Time, her dazzling, subversive, and deeply hopeful book, The New York Times bestselling author of How to Do Nothing helps us see how we might take inspiration from pre-industrial cultures, ecological cues, and geological timescales to become stewards of different rhythms of life.

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Jenny Odell author photo credit: Chani Bockwinkel.